The equipment and premises used at the Faculty are suitable for successful teaching of theory and practice in the field of all the study programs. The classrooms are equipped with video beam projectors and personal computers for teachers. Teaching of practical knowledge and skills is carried out in laboratories and specialized premises equipped with latest equipment. There are 14 laboratories altogether:

1. Laboratory for Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry
2  Laboratory for General and Inorganic Chemistry
3. Laboratory for Analytical and Physical Chemistry,
4. Laboratory for Chemical Process Engineering,
5. Laboratory for Biology and Microbiology,
6. Laboratory for Inorganic and Organic Chemical Technology,
7. Laboratory for Environment Protection – Waste Water,
8. Laboratory for Electrochemical Engineering,
9. Laboratory for Analytical Research Methods,
10. Laboratory for Rheology Research Methods,
11. Laboratory for Instrumental Research Methods,
12. Semi-Industrial Plant for Meat Processing
13. Semi-Industrial Plant for Thermal Food Processing,
14. Semi-Industrial Plant for Grain and Flour Processing. The laboratories for chemical engineering and food technology were completely equipped within the modernization efforts at the University of East Sarajevo in cooperation with the government of Austria. All the laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment suitable both for research activities to be performed by staff members and practical exercises for students of all three cycles.