The Faculty of Technology in Zvornik was founded in the academic year 1993/1994 by the Decision  of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska. The bachelor degree was a five-year study programme with only one general curriculum, without majoring within suitable narrower fields of study. The teaching staff core included professors and associates who had been previously employed at the Faculty of Technology in Tuzla.

From the moment it was established till the end of 2006, the Faculty operated as a legal entity. However,  since the year 2007, the Faculty has been an organizational unit of the integrated University of East Sarajevo, with clearly defined conditions necessary for licensing and holding a work permit.

For the past 25 years of its tradition, the Faculty has been continuously working on the improvement of  the Curriculum. In the academic year 2004/2005, the Faculty adopted a new curriculum adjusted to the concept of the European higher educational area, the Bologna Process and the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) guidelines. The Faculty offers  a three-cycle system of studies with the “4+1+3“ model.        

Two study programmes are included:

1. Chemical Engineering and Technology, licensed and accredited  for four elective modules (the first and the second cycle): Chemical Process Engineering, Environmemnt Protection Engineering, Food Technology and Occupational Safety and Fire Protection.  The third cycle comprises two programmes: Food Chain Management and Chemical Engineering and Technology.

2. Biology, started from the academic year 2013/2014, licensed for the first cycle.   

The Faculty of Technology today has 47  full-time employees (18 lecturers, 8 associates and 21 member of administration). Four teachers have a part-time (50 %) employment and 17 a part -time employment with less than 50% engagement.

So far a total of 2148 students have enrolled the Faculty of Technology, with 394 students who are currently actively engaged in all three cycles. A total of  369 stdents have graduated from the Faculty, 71 have completed master’s programme ( 46 “magisters“ and 25 master’s degrees), and 29 have completed PhD studies.

Scientific research  has become particularly intense over the last decade. This has resulted in a successful completion of a large number of developmental and research projects  approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska, as well as numerous international projects and  projects for the industrial sectors. For the purpose of these and many other forms of activities,  the Faculty uses its 5000 m2 of premises, 2200 m2 of which are classrooms and offices, including 12 laboratories with modern equipment.

The Faculty of Technology organizes  an international congress  named “Engineering, Environment and Materials in Process Industry“, which is held every two years. So far there have been five congresses, all of which have received very positive reviews when it comes to the number of participants, the quality of papers and overall organization. Since the year 2009, the Faculty has also been a proud publisher of the “Journal of Engineering & Processing Management. In 2012 the Faculty received a special award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Srpska as the most successful higher education institution in the field of cooperation with industrial sectors. Apart form that, in 2013 the Faculty also received an award from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska as the best scientific research institution in the Republic of Srpska.