The Faculty of Technology Zvornik publishes works on the topics within its scientific and educational domain, as well as other publications contributing to the recognition of its status. The array of works published includes students’ textbooks, exercise books, handbooks, practice books, monographs, journals, conference proceedings, as well as other publications required for the purposes of teaching and research.

In 2008 the Faculty started the “Journal of Engineering & Processing Management“. Since that time, a series of activities have been made with the aim to improve the quality of published papers as well as the quality of publishing practice in general. Apart from bringing the journal into compliance with the latest policy on publishing scientific publications of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska, the following activities have also been undertaken:

  • The Editorial board has welcomed a new Editor-in-Chief and several new members.
  • The journal is now published online, whereas all the previous issues were published in paperback as well as electronic form.
  • The overall graphic design of the Journal has been updated.
  • The Journal is now issued biannually.

Starting from the year 2018, the Journal will publish two issues a year, at the end of June and December. Authors who may be interested are welcomed to send their manuscripts following the guidelines for online publishing.