The Academic Council is composed of teaching staff members of the Faculty of Technology Zvornik fully employed at the University of East Sarajevo, together with the representatives of students of all the three cycles at the Faculty (whose number cannot exceed 15% of the total number of the members). The Dean acts as the chairman of the Academic Council of the Faculty.  The members of the Academic Council are as follows:

Administration services

Legal, Personnel and General Affairs:   Biljana Stevanović Head of the Office for Legal, Personnel and General Affairs   e-mail::
Dean’s office:   Zorica Mrkajić Technical Secretary e-mail::
Library:   Snežana Obrenović Librarian e-mail:
Student administration office:   Nada Pejić, Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs   Svjetlana Mitrović, Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs   e-mail:
  Laboratories:   Mirko Radić, Associate   Marko Ivanović, System Engineer in Semi-Industrial Plant   Božana Radovanović, Lab Technician   Tanja Aćimović, Lab Technician
Financing and Accounting:   Snežana Ristić, Associate for Financing and Accounting   Zorica Stevanović, Accounting Clerk   e-mail:
  Snežana Grujić Computer Oprator and Website Administrator e-mail: