For the past ten years, the Faculty of Technology has been recognized for its prolific research work resulting in a successful completion of a number of development and research projects approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska, as well as a series of international projects and those completed in cooperation with the industrial sector.

The Faculty offers support for the endeavors in research and professional development of its employees, and provides all the necessary conditions for a successful working environment within its financial and other capacities.  

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to participate in scientific research, and the Faculty also outsources the teaching staff with the necessary academic ranks and titles and experts from the industrial sector when necessary.

A part of the organizational unit of the Faculty is the Institute for Chemical Engineering, Technology and Environment registered by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a scientific research institution without the status of a legal entity. The Faculty is also the seat of the Food Technology Center, whose activities are regulated by the University Senate Rulebook 01-ะก-459-1-XXXVIII/17 from 30 November 2017. The Food Technology Center conducts fundamental, applied and development researches aimed at the improvement of educational activities and teaching capacities, research training for the employees and education and training of PhD candidates. The Center has six laboratories with cutting edge equipment.